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No Man's Land - Nokia 7710 2.03

No Man's Land - Nokia 7710 2.03

No Man's Land - Nokia 7710 Publisher's Description

No Man's Land pits you and your army against the computer opponent. Your army must fight for control of the valuable oil fields spread across the various scenarios. You need to balance the effort put into searching and drilling for new oil, attacking your opponents territory and oil fields whilst also building up and maintaining your own defences.

This is the Nokia 7710 version of No Man's Land, see seperate version for UIQ phones.


  • 22 Built in scenarios
  • Randomly generated custom scenarios
  • Advanced AI Opponent
  • Built in scenario editor
  • 3 Skill levels
  • Save game feature

22 Built in Scenarios

In some missions you are the attacking force, others the defending force, each has it's own unique attributes, tactical requirements and challenges.

Randomly generated custom scenarios

Finished the built in scenarios? Want more of a challenge? Less of challenge? Configure your own custom levels, you can set:

  • The map
  • The number of amount of units, money and fixed income each side starts with
  • The number of oil fields on the map

The computer then randomly places the oil fields and start points on the selected map and away you go.

Advanced AI Opponent

The strength of the AI Opponent is the key feature of this game. Expect to lose regularly at first until you gain the same understanding of how to fight battles as the AI has.

The AI uses a 3 level control logic. At the top a master controller overseeing the whole battle, dividing control down to squads and bases. Bases can be either the main base or an outlying oil well plus their associated gun turrets and defence squad. Squad logic controls the actions of a group of tanks, either on defence, reconnaissance or attack missions. Then finally each tank looks after itself within the constraints of commands from the squad commander.

The AI does not cheat, it has no behind the scenes knowledge of the maps or your actions beyond what it knows from its reconnaissance and what its units can see.

Built in scenario editor

Create your own scenarios, either for your own enjoyment or to share with your friends.

Scenarios can be based on existing scenarios or built up from scratch. The scenario editor allows you to edit all the attributes of a scenario

  • The map
  • Oil fields
  • Initial buildings, tanks and money
  • Fixed income levels
  • Whether the AI plays an attacking defensive or neutral strategy

3 Skill levels

Easy and medium levels are available that give you an artificial advantage of the AI while you're learning how to play the game. Then you can switch to hard and take the AI on AI head to head with no advantages on either side.

Save game feature

Allows you to save and reload the game at any point, not all battles can be completed in the space of your commute home.

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